I'm Marjan Bakker, and I'm an assistant professor at Tilburg University at the methodology and statistics department. I teach courses on regression analysis and multilevel analysis to psychology students and students from the research master.

I'm part of the metaresearch group at Tilburg University. My research interests are scientific integrity, errors in statistics, power, publication bias, psychometrics, preregistration, and game theory.

In 2014 I defended my dissertation titled: Good Science, Bad Science: Questioning Research Practices in Psychological Research, which was supervised by Jelte Wicherts and Han van der Maas. You can find this thesis here.

One of my projects is about the misreporting of p values in articles. On this site you can find an application to test whether the reported test statistic, df, and p value are congruent. You can find this application here. Michele Nuijten has developed Statcheck, an R package that extracts statistics from articles and recompute values. See her website for more information.

I've also teached a research master's course on Good Science, Bad Science at the UvA. The course website containing blogs from students can be found here.

Please contact me if you want more information on any project.

What's New
Our research is discussed in The New York Times (3 November 2011).
Best Article Award
Our article, the (mis)reporting of statistical results in psychology journals, has won Best Article of 2011 Award for the journal Behavior Research Methods!
Our article, the (mis)reporting of statistical results in psychology journals is discussed in the Dutch newspaper: 'De Volkskrant' (17 September 2011).